Hello, world!

Ok, so here we go; my first blog. What to say?…Wow this is definitely very bizarre. I guess I will talk about my most recent shows with PBS. I had such a blast performing with George Porter and the boys again. The tunes were fun and the music amazing, but even more so was the communication on stage. To me that is the defining characteristic of improvisational music. Any four people can play songs together, but it is in the listening and interaction that makes the songs come alive. It was fun for me to step into the PBS world for a moment and have a musical conversation with such accomplished musicians. I really hope I can make it happen again.

Also, I am excited to get out for a “mini tour” of the Midwest. The new trio is called D.N.A Land, which includes a drummer I have been working with for a while named Damien Hines (aka DJcheck1) and a new talent on guitar named Daniel Schwindt (aka Dan). D.N.A Land is a combination of live improvisation and dj loops. For me, it is a new experience and a fun way to translate some of my older tunes into a new light (plus it is super funky). This will be our first tour and we hope people will come out and hear what we got going on .it will be a mixture of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Well I guess that’s all I have say about that. Thanks for checking my new blog. Talk to you soon!



8 responses to “Hello, world!

  1. Kyle I always enjoyed listening to you play latin influenced music especially with String Cheese, I recently have been listening to a lot of Ruben Gonzalez and Cucho Valdez, who are some other latin pianists that you believe are worth a listen.

  2. Sweet, hope you come to Philly soon!

  3. keep rocking it Kyle… the Bay Area would love to support your newest project!

  4. Love to hear what’s going on with you! Can’t wait until the Portage in Chicago! Bring the Heat!

  5. If Im lucky I’ll catch ya here in Illinois…:) Can’t wait…been too long

  6. Awesome Kyle! Looking forward to that “super funky” ( and Rothbury ofcourse ) ~ Love & Light!

  7. Cant wait to check out DNA Land, so curious about what sounds are coming out of your head these days. In the mean time I’m counting down the days until Rothbury 🙂 Best wishes

  8. Come to Omaha!!! 😐 everybody’s doing it!!

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