Hoppy Birthday

Ok, ok, so it’s my birthday, don’t rub it in. And now that I am more than twice Justin Bieber’s age, I am starting to feel the years. But at least we have matching haircuts. The bowl cut will never die!!!

Actually, things are going pretty great. I have been busy for the last few months writing tunes and playing music. I did some cool shows around town with my band, KHB. We opened for Umphrey’s at the Fillmore, in Denver, and that was a blast. They are such a great guys and it’s always a pleasure to hang with them. But, honestly, it was my wife’s birthday so I got a bit buzzed and ran around the Fillmore dancing and screaming. So I didn’t get to much time to hang. I think I remember having a had a good time though.

But then there’s now and I am deep in rehearsals with SCI. With only a week left before the big 1st Bank Center Cheese shows, we are getting pumped. We are digging into some of the older material that has not been played in a while, but also breaking out some new tracks. It’s going to be awesome, it’s always a bit challenging to just jump back in it and that’s why we spend so many weeks preparing. It’s not about learning the chords to “Howard” again, it’s more so about jamming together and getting the magic back. It’s never lost, but just needs to be dusted off a bit.

See you there.

And make sure to catch KHB in the Northwest next month:

04.07.11 Wild Buffalo | Bellingham, WA -w/Acorn Project
04.08.11 Nectar | Seattle, WA -w/Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
04.09.11 Bossanova Ballroom | Portland, OR -w/Acorn Project and Jesta


7 responses to “Hoppy Birthday

  1. BARSTOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL! Pretty Please with some Cheese on top? 😀

  2. Wish I could get to any of these shows. They are just too far away.

    Good luck with your rehearsals and I hope you have a blast playing. I check your blog once a week hoping to see a full tour announcement rather than the recent trend to just play a show or two here and there. Maybe some day….

    Have fun and thanks for continuing to play!!!

  3. Your guy’s set before Umphrey’s at the Fillmore was a blast Kyle thanks a lot. Hope we can see you at the Fox or something soon.

    Looking forward to 1st Bank and the “Cheese Magic”

    Taker Care bud,


  4. Happy Birthday Kyle! I cannot wait for the Winter Carnival! I’m heading out from Chicago the 10th. Unfortunately, I have to miss night 1. I am excited to hear you guys are practicing some older ones… SKAT perhaps?!?! I’m really pumped to see J.D. Crowe and Dumpstaphunk opening for you guys! Can you say collaborations!! BANJO RAGE and BASS BOMBS!! Keep up the good work and see ya at the show!

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  6. Glad to hear KHB is coming back to Seattle. Can’t wait to see you guys at Nectar!

  7. Glad to see you’re coming out to the NW! Cool that you’re linking with AP out here, they’ve been killing it the past few years. Wish they were on board in Sea, but I’ll make the trek to B’ham. Might make the full run!

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