West Coast Memories: Chico

My main memory of Chico is the HEAT. Man it seemed like every time SCI played here it was insanely hot. I guess it must have always been summer when we passed through. I do remember playing a show with our friend Dar Williams here at some strange, long barn thing. Dar was totally cool and her keyboard player rocked. I dug what they were doing. Before the show I think we all snuck away to some watering holes along a river and soaked for a long while.

The String Cheese Incident – The Senator Theater – 07.17.04

And there was one super hot night at the Senator Theater where we played “Oye Como Va,” the Santana tune, a rare play for us. It’s funny because on some of these tours each band member would make the setlist for the night and, as I look back at these shows, I wonder who made the each list. You can kinda can tell by openers and closers and overall flow in the set. It can be a tough to make the list. Especially with five other opinions flying round.

So this is the show closer for my West Coast run with JBB. It has been so much fun. They are great guys and they sound killer. I can’t believe it’s over. But we will hook up with them again at the Boulder Theater in couple weeks.

Come on out tonight and try some Hop Bam Ale at Sierra Nevada. It’s going to be a great tour closer with beer and music and I imagine the temperature will be less of an issue this time around with Sierra Nevada on board.


One response to “West Coast Memories: Chico

  1. Wow kyle, I love hearing your memories. I’m a fan of dar williams as well, and briefly was acquainted with her keyboardist, who used to date a friend of mine. I would love to hear more about the setlist process. So each member would take turns writing the setlist? So one night it would be drafted by you, another night by billy, etc?

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